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Wüsthof Come Apart Kitchen Shears Model 5558-1 Review

We are always in the look for the best kitchen shears, and let me tell you. If we consider the price, the Wüsthof come apart shears model 5558 certainly are one of the most value for money kitchen shears on the market. They are not the most expensive kitchen shears made by Wüsthof, but they certainly do the job better than the average kitchen shears out there.

But first, here are three important points to consider whenever you are in the look for multiuse kitchen shears. Important points, if you want to buy the best shears possible:

  • The shears must be solid and able to cut almost anything including some small poultry bone.
  • The shears must be easy to clean
  • They have to be comfortable to use

Of course, there are other important factors to take into account. Like the price, the finish, how much abuse they can take, whether they are ok for left-handers, etc. But the three above are the most important for us to consider when we are buying kitchen shears and want to ensure to get the best value for our bucks.

So, how the Wüsthof come-apart shears measure up to these points?

Well these shears have all the attributes spoken about above and more. But not only that, these shears are consistently given a high star rating by consumers on the net.

Let’s look with a little more detail.

Are they solid? Can they cut bones?

These Wüsthof shears are quite sturdy. They are made from high-carbon stainless steel and are very sharp. They cut well almost anything. The shears have short blades and large handles. This is good, because it gives you more cutting force with less hand strength. In addition, there is a section near the pivot for cutting more difficult objects, such as chicken bones. However, as most straight shears, they are not the best for very tough task, like large bones where poultry shears are needed. All in All, they are a good multipurpose kitchen shears that can do the occasional poultry exceptionally well. Handy to have in your kitchen, even if you plan to cut off poultry regularly.

Are they easy to clean?

Yes the shears are dishwasher safe. But, like other quality cutlery, we recommend hand washing to prevent rust. One of the best things about these Wüsthof shears is that they come with a slot and protrusion arrangement that allow them to be separated for cleaning with a single motion and to be rejoined the same way.

How comfortable are they?

The shears are really comfortable to use. The handles are symmetric, meaning that they are ok for right and left-handers users. They are made with a synthetic material that is rugged and have a fine non-slip texture to prevent slipping your hands. Besides, the finger holes are large, good because you can use them with gloves on, but not the most comfortable, if you have really small hands.

How large are they?

The Wüsthof measures 8in. (21cm) long. They are a good size for a multiuse kitchen shears, not too large or small.

There is something more you have to know?

When you want to separate the shears for cleaning, it is only necessary to open the blades the way to 90 degrees. However, for sharpening you have to take out the plastic cap and the screw.

The handles have a hole in the middle for opening bottles but that is good for cracking walnuts or nuts.

Where can I buy them online?

You can buy them at Amazon. The most trusted retail store online and a great place to find bargains.


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