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Wusthof Five Blade Herb Scissors

For people looking at to complete their Wüsthof collection or someone wanting herb shears of a recognized brand, the Wüsthot five blade herb scissors could be a good option.

The best feature of the blades is without doubt the edge. It is really sharp. They include a sheath for safe in-drawer storage and to clean the blades between uses.

The handles are made of a soft plastic material and are comfortable to use.  

Of course the same objections to other multi-blade shears applied to the Wusthof herb scissors. A lot of blades mean in general a lot of flimsy blades. But you note it a bit less with these scissors than with other brands. A lot of blades equal to more places for the chopped herbs to hide. Hence washing could be annoying. Especially if you are a perfectionist. But be sure to clean them ASAP. Waiting only turns the chore more difficult.

The best way to use them is not to be too enthusiastic with the quantity you try to cut at a time. Besides they always function better with dry herbs than with herbs recently cut or wet for washing.

Overall, they are a pretty good rendition of the concept of herb scissors, a notch above in quality over other well known brands.


  •  Model: 8777
  •  3 1/4"L (9" w/handles) x 3/4"W
  •  Weight: 8 oz.
  •  Made in China

As usual you can check they price and read more reviews at amazon.

Here there is a video about the Wusthof herb shears:

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