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Shun Kitchen Shears 1120M: Handy Tool For Your Everyday Kitchen Needs


The Shun 1120M Kitchen shears are one of the best multipurpose kitchen shears on the market. They certainly are not cheap. But they have a quality, easy of use and sharpness that make them really stand out.

So, Why Are the Shun Shears so Special?

That’s not hard to find. These shears are made to last. They are quite sturdy with a serrated blade than can cut almost anything, even bones. They are comfortable to use for both left and right-handers, and come with a series of features that will make them the most useful tool in your kitchen. The Shears have a hook cut out just below one of the handles that serves as a bottle opener. There are a jar opener and a nutcracker in the handle too. Besides the handles have two metal prongs that work as both flat screwdrivers and lid lifters. And finally, they have a notch on the blade to help to cut poultry bones. In addition, The Shun Kitchen Shears 1120M come within a plastic storage sheath that is magnetized for mounting on the side of a refrigerator.

What are the Handles Like?

The handles are made of a textured plastic that is rugged and nonslip. However, they are a little small for my taste. So, if you have really big hands, then maybe these are not the shears for you.

Are they Easy to Clean?

Yes, because the shears come apart for easy cleaning.

Do the Shun Shears Come with a Warranty?

Yes, they come with a limited lifetime warranty. I think that only this shows pretty well the confidence that Shun put in its shears.


Length: 8 7/8 in. (22.5 cm)
Weight: 5.1oz.

There is Something More to Know?

Kai the company owner of Shun sells these shears with the Kershaw brand too. As far as I can tell both shears are the same. They even have the same item number “Kershaw Taskmaster 1120” and “Shun 1120M.” So, you can save a couple of dollars buying the Kershaw Taskmaster instead of the Shun.

Which Online Site is the Best to Buy Them?

Amazon is one of the best sites to buy kitchen shears or any other product by the way online. Each product there has several reviews of real customers that are very useful to help us decide whether to buy or not. Besides, it is a great place to find bargains.

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