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Pizza Scissors - Why Would You Want Them?

The first time that I saw a pair of pizza scissors I thought -well some people surely had to much time in their hands and nothing better to do. Why do I want to have scissors to cut a pizza when my trusty chef knife has served me well till now? Besides, there is always the question lurking in the back of my mind about how many kitchen utensils do I need in my kitchen before being too many.

However, after a little research online, I can see now why someone could want to have these scissors. Don't misunderstand me, I keep on thinking that pizza scissors are one thing too many to keep in your arsenal of kitchen utensils. But even if they are not a have to have utensil for your kitchen, they could be nice to have or to show off to your envious friends.

The most obvious reason to have pizza scissors is when you don't want to use a wood cutting board. The task to pass the pizza from the pan to the cutting board is not always an easy one. Pizza most of the time tends to stick in the pan and to avoid making a mess is always better to cut it in the pizza pan. That when the Pizza scissors show their usefulness and if the pan is a nonstick one doubly so.

Basically, there are two models of pizza scissors: with or without a triangular big spatula.

At first sight the one with the big spatula seems to be a great idea. Cut the pizza and serve the slices on one motion. But reality soon shows its ugly head to disabuse us of this concept. The scissors are impractical, make a mess with the tops and are difficult to clean. They function a little better is the pizza is somewhat cold, though.

The model without the wedge-shaped spatula is more practical. It is even possible with a bit of practice to use them to serve too. Of course, sometimes you can only use them to cut and have to use another utensil to serve the slices. But you always can cut your pizza without fear to scratch  your pan. Dreamfarm Scissa is perhaps the best. They are easy to use and clean.

Here it is a demonstration of pizza scissors in youtube 

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