Kitchen Shears

Norpro Three Blade Herb Scissors -Model 1537

To make easier the cutting, mincing and sniping of herbs or scallions, Norpro offers three blade herb scissors in the same style that the five blade of other brands. This model is an intermediate option between the most common five blade herb scissors and a regular kitchen shears. It features three stainless steel blades in a 7.5in. long scissors.

The handles are large and comfortable, suitable for both left and right hand users. The scissors are accompanied by a blade sheath that doubles as a blade cleaner (as you can see in the photo below.) The Norpro herb scissors, as any other brand out there, performs best with dry herbs. Fresh herbs tend to stick on the blades. This is when the sheath cleaner becomes important. In our opinion all multi-blade herb scissors have to come with one.



  • Measures 7.5"/19cm.
  • Includes a blade sheath that doubles as a blade cleaner.
  • Hand washing recommended.

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