Kitchen Shears

Messermeister Take Apart Kitchen Shears DN-1070


These Messermeister utility shears were featured at cook illustrated as a must-have utensil for your kitchen some time ago. So I decided to do a little search of my own to see what all that hype was about.

What I found is that the Messermeister are good shears with excellent quality and handy to have in your kitchen. they have the problem that are not the best for left-hand users, though. But, for right-handers they could be an excellent alternative to more bulky shears.

If you need to cut a lot of poultry, but don’t want to spend in specialized poultry shears, then these shears could be great. They are super sharp and have great precision when cutting. The best thing is that they are light and come apart easily to thoroughly clean them after cutting your chicken.
On the other hand, it could take a little time to get used to them, because the take apart mechanism is too sensitive.

The Messermeister Shears Include:

  1. A screw driver,
  2. Nut cracker,
  3. Jar-lid opener and gripper,
  4. Bottle opener,
  5. Bone and Twig cutter.

How Long They Are?


Do The Shears Come with a Warranty?

Yes they come with a lifetime manufacturing warranty.

Are the Messermeister Scissors Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, they can be washed in a dishwasher.

Where Can I Buy them

You can buy them at Amazon, a retail store where are always good prices.

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