Kitchen Shears

Joyce Chen Unlimited Kitchen Scissors DN-1070

When I was trying to describe the Joyce Chen Unlimited kitchen scissors, the first words that come to my mind were lightweight but sturdy. Yes, the shears are lightweight, perhaps flimsy to some people, but they present a surprisingly degree of sturdiness when you try them. Not for nothing, they are popular with the custom jewelry maker crowd. The blades are small almost delicate specially if we compare them with the size of the handles. But in spite of this delicate feel of the scissors, the blades are sharp and the small blades help to leverage the power you applied when cutting.

The handles are large without being bulky. They are made of a flexible plastic material, which is very comfortable to hold. The handles come in different bright colors and can be used by both right and left handed people. 

The Joyce Chen scissors don't come apart like other brand kitchen shears, but fortunately they are dishwasher safe.

Besides, they include a manufacturer lifetime warranty. 

Overall length:  6 ¼ inches (15.9cm)

All in all, they are a versatile tool for your kitchen arsenal.

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