Kitchen Shears

Best Herb Scissors

If you don't mind looking like a knife challenged cook and annoying your spouse at the hour of doing the washing, then a herb scissors could be a really nice addition to your arsenal of kitchen gadgets.

Heb scissors are simply shears designed to snip herbs like basil or parsley. They come with three or five blades to chop the herbs in uniform little bits. The advantage is that you can cut the herbs directly into the bowl. This is really practical for preparing meals fast. Ideally herb shears are made of stainless steel and have comfortable handles.

RSVP 5 blade Herb Scissors

Check the most popular Herb Scissors online

Norpro Three Blade Herb Scissors

A three blade alternative to the more common 5 blade herb scissors

Wusthof Five Blade Herb Scissors

Quality and sharpness in these herb shears by Wusthof

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