Kitchen Shears

Cutco Super Shears - a Good Addition to Any Kitchen


All of us that like kitchen knives know Cutco knives as well made kitchen knives with a good quality in the medium range of the cutlery market. They are a little overpriced in my opinion, though. However, there is a product made by Cutco which they can claim to be the best on the market: the Cutco Super Shears. Yes, they are expensive, but it will be money well spent, if you are looking for kitchen shears with the best quality.

The Cutco Super Shears are big. They measure 8-3/8” overall. The design is classic with plastic handles that are OK for both right and left handed users. You can take them apart for cleaning and reattach together effortlessly after that. However, when these shears shine is while cutting. They cut almost through anything and remain sharp and well aligned for years. Here is a video with the famous demonstration of these shears cutting through a coin. Really Impressive.

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